25 Water
New York, New York

Due Diligence / Analytical Services

Typically before closing on a real estate transaction, clients request a due diligence report which provides a comprehensive risk assessment of all critical elements of a proposed development. SPD evaluates the project team for experience and competency, the status of entitlement and permitting, contract terms for the design consultants and general contractor/construction manager, logistics, and sequencing, as well as budget and schedule assumptions. Our conclusions and recommendations are based on our in-depth experience on thousands of construction projects across the country and internationally.

Elco Yards
Redwood City, California

Monthly Advisory Services

Once construction begins, SPD regularly visits the site to evaluate the status and quality of the work, check adherence to schedule, and monitor issues as they arise. A report regarding the status and schedule of construction progress is issued on a monthly basis and includes recommendation for approval of the draw, as well as a summary of change orders and contingency use.

111 Wall Street
New York, New York

Equity Advisory

SPD provides enhanced advisory services for equity investors who require a deeper level of review, typically at an earlier stage of project development. Our assignments vary, but we help negotiate joint-venture agreements and provide strategic advice as it relates to the nuance of design, procurement and construction processes.

Surfside, Florida

Hybrid Services

Depending on a client’s need, we also provide asset management services as well as dispute and claims resolution. In instances where the development team is not performing, we utilize the resources and expertise of SPD’s in-house development management division to take a more active role in day-to-day activities on behalf of our clients.